The story of pain: Fibromyalgia

Defined as a disorder characterized by widespread muscular or musculoskeletal pain, accompanied with stiffness, fatigue, sleep problems, brain fog & company, fibromyalgia sounds pretty clear.

But is it really? Because to me, it’s much more than just that. It’s the story of pain and silent suffering.

Let’s talk pain first- it’s unbearable sometimes. It comes in waves and you never know when the next one is going to hit you and how strong is it going to be. Everything hurts. All is sore. It burns. You feel stiff and unable to move. It feels as tough you’re going to break in half. Or in million pieces.

It’s invisible. You look pretty okay from the outside, but on the inside you scream. Yet you put a big, brave smile on your face because you know people don’t want to hear about “another episode of yours”.

Fibromyaliga is also very lonely. You want to spend time with people, yet you can’t. You feel too tired and you’re in too much pain…and let’s not forget you’re not the best company, because you’re moody and irritable.

You’re tired. Oh, so tired! But you can’t sleep. You’re struggling with insomnia. And then with painsomnia… It’s like a monster that actually exists. You feel desperate. Desperate when all your tender points are on fire. You’re like a mechanic robot that was left out in the rain. Get the picture?

People either don’t know it or don’t believe it’s real. Well, guess what- it is! But it’s hard to blame them, as even most doctors don’t recognize it as a “real” disease.

Whoever thinks that living with chronic, non stop, debilitating pain is “easy” and that we’re just exaggerating, because we’re (overly) sensitive cry babies who should go out more, relax and think positive, do some yoga, eat super foods and find inner peace… well, I’d love to invite those people to live in my body for just one week. To see it for themselves how it’s when a flare up kicks in.

Today is fibromyalgia awareness day. Fibromyalgia is the story of pain. But it’s also the story of the brave. Because during flare ups, being brave is all you can do. During good days? You’re grateful for every single day that goes by without pain. You enjoy in those moments. You appreciate life.

So yeah. Fibro warriors of the world- stay brave and keep on fighting!

Keep up the fight and spread the word!
Keep up the fight and spread the word!



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